Monday, September 14, 2009

The reason I have never been good with keeping up a blog is I feel like I never have anything to say that is worth reading. Should I really have to strain my self to come up with something to fill these blanks with? I live a normal life, I guess, nothing exciting ever happens! The most exciting thing I did today was have my daughters pictures taken. BTW they turned out amazing! So anywhoo. I am doing this to promote my site, I want people to buy my things. But I feel like I will never get to there because I have nothing to say. Oh well at least I can try. I am just in a weird mood today.

We started out at Penney's to get our pictures taken. They take lunch from 2-3, we arrived at 2:55. There was already another lady there who had an appt at 3, no big deal. So when the lady comes back she tells them to go wait in the studio while she gets another customers pictures. Well I am standing in the lobby waiting for her to finish with the other customer when a lady and her son walk in, she looks up and asks if they have an appt. to which she answers that she doesn't. So she tells them to come back at 4 and she will get them right in, Completly ignoring the fact that I was there 15 min before her. I was PISSED! I grabbed Brooklyn and stated very loudly that I refused to deal with rude people and we left. I hope she heard me. So we ended up at Picture Me in Wal*Mart. I told Krystal(our photographer) about our experience at Penney's and she said she has heard that a lot about this lady, and has seen her work and it isnt very well done! So in the long run, I saved money and probably got better pictures. An additional plus is she informed me that she is the only photographer there and they are looking for someone to help her out. So she gave me an application. Seeing as how I LOVE LOVE LOVE photography I think it would be perfect for me. So fingers crossed that it works out!

We picked up our check and items left over from the sale yesterday. I had way more left that I thought I would, but there were so many things there, a lot of people had a lot of items returned to them. I made 142!!! So $35 of that goes to my laptop as long as nothing comes up!!!

Don't forget that I have a sale going on, Buy 3 bows or a TuTu and get 1 bow free! Right now the tutus are not listed on the site(Will be later on in the week) But you can order one by emailing me at or by leaving a comment on this blog!

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