Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is it nap time yet?

OHmyGOSH I am worn out!!! There is huge bi-annual consignment sale here for childrens items and it is HUGE over 2,000 consigners, well it was this weekend, So I have been getting all my stuff together for that, I volunteered to work the sale ( I could shop first and get 75% instead of 70% of my earnings!) Then today is half price day, so in order to get anything good you have to be in line early. The doors open at 9, we(my mom and I) were there at 6, which is very early after going to be at 3am thanks to Brooklyn not sleeping!!! On top of that I had a bow order yesterday for Emilee's-Thats the shop that carries my bows. Now normally I take a week to fill a large order order, but with the sale being today I wanted to extra spending cash sop I wipped out their whole order in 3 hours! YAY me!!! I was very proud of my self! So I am in much need of a nap! My neighbor's baby shower was today so I spent all Thursday night and part of last night doing up bows for her gift, I didn't get the change to attend so I have no idea if she liked them or not, I'm sure she will let me know though. I got my first on-line order last night, WHO HOO! I am excited about that, advertising on my facebook has done some good! It was only for 1 bow but hey thats 8 bucks, not all profit though, oh well. I am trying to get to $120 to get a laptop off of eBay that I really want! I am hoping my consignment check will put at lest another $30 towards it. I know I will make more than that, but I have to use it for diapers, and food!!!

Well I guess that is all for now, seriously considering a nap even though it is 4:30....

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