Thursday, September 17, 2009

Insert witty title here!!!

I can'te even begin to explain how much I am ready for my life to be back to normal! I wish I knew where I was going to end up so I could plan accordingly! I really want to go home, with all my heart I want to go home, but he has to ask me, and I'm not too sure that will ever happen! All I can do is wish and pray! both of which I have been doing non stop! But AHHHHHHH I wanna scream at the thought of another day in my parents house! I can't stand it here! Don't get me wrong I love them and appreciate them letting us stay here, But I can;t take being treated like I am 12, do this do that, clean your room, don't stay up til 1 am! Just one little break would be nice! UGH!!!

Ok enough of the rant! I created a little tutorial for a ribbon fish I thought I might share with you guys. Brooklyn loves him, she wants one in pink, However I am not sure why she needs a pink fish!

Start out with 6 inches in your color choice of 7/8 grosgrain ribbon, Dovetail and heat seal the ends!

Fold about halfway at a 90 degree angle, making an L

Bring the other tail up crossing over the first one creating a point <

It should look like this

Crease and secure( I used a needle and thread, you can secure how ever you like)

Trim your thread, then glue 3/8 inch ribbon of the same color to cover your thread or wire

Here is my completed fish, I trimmed down the tail on each side, you can leave yours long if you like, its personal preference!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, more to come!

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