Thursday, March 11, 2010

Facebook store!

Facebook now has a store front page :) So now instead of dealing with domain and webpages and no hits, I can reach all of my fans and more through a website I already visit everyday! I am working on getting my items on facebook so my fans can order them, I already have a nibbler hopefully she bites! So right now I am running a contest for a free bow of your choice, you can enter via facebook or this blog. Want to enter? All you have to do is leave a comment on this page and you are automaticlly entered to win! Deadline to enter is Saturday at 5pm and results will be listed shortly after!

I am very excited about getting some new items in the works! I have a very long to do list which includes, but is not limited to... tag blankets, pillow case dresses, infant shoes, wipe cases, pacifier clips, and more!!! So keep checking back for updates!

Now for a personal update! I moved out of my parents house, I live in Fort Smith Arkansas with my best friend Linsday, her fiance Andy, Brooklyn and soon a 4th roommate Juddson, the guy I am currently "talking" too(he isn't "moving in with me" He is taking the spare bedroom. So with that being said I'm sure you can guess that Nick and I are no longer seeing each other, it ended very badly! Oh well, his loss I guess :)